Source: WCSC

An inmate being held at a South Carolina detention center unwittingly freed himself by allegedly punching Dylan Roof in the face and back. That’s gotta feel good.

New York Daily News reports that Dwayne Stafford, a 26-year-old man who allegedly assaulted accused Charleston Church shooter Roof in a bathroom at the Charleston County Detention Center on Thursday, was released on a $100,0000 bond on Friday, according to police.

Stafford had been incarcerated since January 2015, when he was arrested on charges of first-degree assault and strong arm robbery.

After the alleged jailhouse assault, fans of Stafford immediately organized a fundraiser to donate money to his commissary account. It’s not clear who paid for Stafford’s release, according to NYDN.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon said that Roof and his lawyer will not press charges against Stafford.

Roof, 22 and a self-proclaimed white supremacist, remains behind bars, awaiting state and federal trials. He stands accused of slaughtering nine black people in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last year, for which he faces the death penalty.