An Oklahoma man who caught a burglar breaking into his home wasn't content to simply scare the criminal away; instead, the man bum-rushed the burglar, pinned him to the ground, hogtied him, and left him in the front yard for police to find because the homeowner was late for work.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning, when the homeowner and his nine-months-pregnant wife were awoken by the sound of shattering glass coming from their daughter's room.

"That folding chair was in her bedroom, shattered glass all over the place, and I said, 'A raccoon didn't do that.' And he was just like, 'Oh God,'" the man's wife, Denay Houston, told News 9.

The couple heard something in their garage, so Houston's husband went and waited patiently by their front-door for the burglar to emerge. “Then he bum-rushed him,” Houston said.

Houston's husband pinned the burglar, later identified as Robert Cole, to the ground and hog tied him, with Cole's hands and feet tied behind his back. “[My husband] was just like (nods head), kind of like the head nod, like, 'Okay, what's done is done,'" Houston said. "He's like a super-hero."

Houston's husband, whose name wasn't released, called 911 and then told Houston that he was going to work and that she should watch over the hog-tied criminal until police arrived.

"That's just the type of person he is, you know? That's just the type of person he is. Business is business. 'I got to take care of business, he's safe, the police are coming, I got to go,'" Houston said.

Police arrived not long after Houston's husband left. Cole was arrested and faces one charge of first degree burglary.

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