Police arrested a man at the Detroit Metro Airport after TSA agents found a knife hidden in the lining of his shoe. The TSA heralded this man's ability to hide a weapon in his shoe, saying it was "artfully concealed."

If you weren't aware: "Knives and most other sharp objects are prohibited in carry-on luggage; these items should be placed in checked baggage," a TSA spokesperson told the Detroit News. Not much else is known about the man who was arrested. From the Associated Press:

The Associated Press left messages with TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy and airport spokesman Brian Lassaline (LASS'-uh-leen) seeking details about the passenger.

Wayne County prosecutor's office spokeswoman Maria Miller says her office would have jurisdiction if the airport police send a report. Miller says the case also could be handled by federal authorities or considered an ordinance violation.

[Image via Detroit News]