When you're trapped in an elevator with an inconsolable monster, at what point do you begin wondering whether you've died and been sent to some especially cruel hell? Is it when he repeatedly rings the emergency bell, or starts loudly singing Metallica, or when he tells the woman trying to help to suck his cock?

It's unclear when and how the nightmare ended for our hero, but at some point—presumably at home, safe from the rampaging dude in the video—he was able to upload a document of the experience to YouTube. Here's what he said of the experience on Reddit:

Hello Everyone,

part 4 is still in the process of being uploaded as well as part 5... we were trapped in the elevator for an hour and a half it was extremely upsetting. I was doing 100% fine then mr crazy freaked me the FUCK out!

I was trying to be as nice as possible, this was 100% not scripted I wish I could have gotten more footage. There was so much funny shit that this guy was doing. this guy was just going crazy im surprised I wasn't murdered haha

Toward the end of the video above, he says to his tormentor that it would be best to remain calm. The man's response: "There's no law I have to remain calm."