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Wesley Warren Jr.'s ball sac was about the size of a dolphin's head. It made him into something of a viral star. He appeared on shows like TLC's Strange Sex, and was interviewed for articles claiming he enjoyed the fame resulting from his scrotal lymphedema. He waddled everywhere with an upside down hoodie between his legs and sometimes used his scrotum as a mobile table, off which he'd eat food. He lived with this condition for about five years, which he blames on the healthcare system.

But no more! While earlier profiles suggested that Warren was reluctant to have his balls reduced, last night's The Man with the 132-lb. Scrotum (also on TLC, duh and of course) detailed the removal of the skin and muscles that had grown around his genitals. He still has his balls (some doctors told him castration was the only way to put his sac behind him) and now he can play miniature golf. This is a triumph of modern medicine, the human spirit, and mobility over genitals.

Next up for Warren is love (hopefully). His home-healthcare worker, Passion, who was the wind beneath his wings and the sponge atop his sac on his Strange Sex segment, was nowhere to be found on last night's special.