In-N-Out Burger employees in Redding, Calif., reportedly asked this Bible-carrying gentleman to stop holding the door open for customers and either buy something or leave. He chose a secret, off-menu option: Come into the store and explode in an Animal Style supernova of obnoxious rage.

That's a pretty quick turnaround from politely greeting people at the door to tearing apart fake plants while they all look uncomfortable and move a safe distance away.

It's the employees' fault that he's yelling, though, because they were "bitching about someone holding a fucking door for people." Did they expect him to take that lying down? I mean, he's a "fucking Christian" and he's got to "stand up for fucking Christians." WWJD, right?

Someone on Reddit pointed out the rich irony that In-N-Out has been discreetly printing Bible verses on its cups and wrappers since the '80s.

[h/t Reddit]