A lonely Argentine shepherd was found dead in his bed Tuesday, lying next to what initially appeared to investigators to be another person, but was quickly determined to be a scarecrow outfitted with "special features," including jeans, lipstick, a wig, and a 6-inch plastic sex tube.

The man, 58-year-old José Alberto Lescano, lived alone in a rural section of Balcarce, near Buenos Aires, and was described by a witnesses as a loner who never had visitors and didn't own a cell phone, the Buenos Aires newspaper Cronica reported. The shepherd's body apparently lay there for 24 to 48 hours before the owner of the house discovered it.

An autopsy revealed Lescano had died of "nontraumatic cardiac arrest," and there was no blood or sign of injury, according to El Diario de Balcarce, the only newspaper that visited the scene.

Local prosecutor Rodolfo Moure told El Diario Tuesday that "the presence of the doll is striking," and speculated that Lescano could have died in "some erotic game." Given the evidence, police thought it was unlikely there was third, non-scarecrow party involved in the death.

[h/t New York Post, Photo: Shutterstock]