Image: AP

At around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, a 20-year-old man ordered an Uber to drive him from Philadelphia to Herkimer, New York, a trip that would take about five hours. Would you be you surprised to learn that not all went as planned?

The ride ultimately terminated in Colesville, New York, about 90 minutes southwest of Herkimer, when the Uber crashed into a guard rail. Behind the wheel of the car was the 20-year-old, a Bronx resident named Juan Carlos, who had taken over for the Uber driver, 43-year-old Corey Robinson. Carlos was behind the wheel because Robinson asked him to drive so that he could nap in the backseat.

As Carlos zipped upstate on I-81, police say he sped past cops at a speed of 86 miles per hour. The police attempted to pull him over, but Carlos kept going and eventually lost them. At some point later, Robinson awoke and asked Carlos why he was driving so fast. Carlos replied that the police were chasing the vehicle. Robinson says he asked Carlos to give back control of the car, but Carlos refused.

Eventually, police found the car after it smashed into the guard rail. Both men were hospitalized briefly. Carlos was arrested and charged with several misdemeanors, while Robinson was sent home with, at the very least, one hell of a story.

It is for this reason and many other reasons that I will never pick someone up in Philadelphia and agree to drive them five hours in the middle of the night. It just sounds like an obviously bad idea.