It's like something out of a comic book: A Minnesota man was in the process of remodeling an abandoned Elbow Lake house he had purchased for $10,100, when he suddenly stumbled across the most valuable comic book of all time hidden inside the wall.

David Gonzalez says a copy of Action Comic #1 — best known as the first appearance of Superman — was being used along with a bunch of old newspapers as insulation.

Not knowing how much it was worth, Gonzalez decided to put it up for sale on the comic book auction site ComicConnect.

Within two days, the bidding had already surpassed $100,000, with 20 days to go.

Though that sounds like one hell of a return on investment, the comic book was actually worth more until Gonzalez and his wife's in-laws accidentally ripped it during an argument.

"They got all excited and tried to take it," Gonzalez told the Star Tribune. "I understand it’s something cool, but told them: ‘You don’t have to act so rude. I brought you in to show you, don’t grab it.'"

"That was a $75,000 tear," noted ComicConnect co-owner Stephen Fishler.

Gonzalez will take home half of the final sale price — the rest will go to cover middle-man expenses and auctioneer fees.

[H/T: Fark, image via ComicConnect]