An alleged burglar was arrested as many as five days after sneaking into a New Jersey family’s house this spring when the homeowner heard a noise and found the intruder hiding under his daughter’s bed, WABC reports.

According to police in Spotswood, New Jersey, Jason Hubbard entered the family’s home while the owner was taking out the trash and made his way to the daughter’s vacant bedroom. He then lived hiding under the bed for several days, charging his four cell phones with a nearby electrical outlet.

Resident Margaret Adamcewicz says Hubbard dated her daughter five years ago, but she hadn’t heard from him since.

“I don’t think he was eating,” Adamcewicz told WABC. “I think he just had water under the bed.”

Authorities say the homeowner immediately called police after discovering Hubbard, who they then charged with burglary and theft of electricity.

Asked if she had a message for Hubbard, Adamcewicz told WABC, “To stay away from this house and never come back.”

[Image via Spotswood Police Department//h/t NBC News]