A 33-year-old South Africa man says three women forced him into a car at gunpoint Tuesday, then made him drink an unknown, erection-inducing drug and raped him. They allegedly collected his semen in plastic bags, which they stored in a cooler. When they’d taken what they wanted, he says, they abandoned him in a field near Port Elizabeth and drove away.

“They pointed at him with a firearm directly, a shotgun,” said constable Mncedi Mbombo, according to the Toronto Star, “They gave him something to drink, then they left him after they got the sperm.”

Mbombo thinks the women are part of a semen-harvesting cartel, which sounds pretty unbelievable, but might be a real thing. According to the Star’s South Africa correspondent, Stephanie Findlay, “local news organizations have reported women at the Zimbabwe border selling semen to sangomas, traditional healers who then use the substance in their popular rituals.”

Findlay adds that rape is an epidemic in the country, with 25 percent of men in a 2009 study saying they’ve committed rape, and half of those saying they’ve done it more than once. There have also been male victims, with two other reports this year of groups of women kidnapping and sexually assaulting men.

Reporters for local paper The Herald, who tried to interview the alleged victim at the police station in New Brighton, claimed that officers “ridiculed” the man with “mockery and laughter” as he tried to file his complaint. The man declined to comment.

[h/t Daily Mail, Image by Jim Cooke, photos via Getty/Shutterstock]