In a misguided ode to a girlfriend, Kirk Soccorso tattooed his beloved's name on the inside of his lower lip. Her name is Isis. They have since broken up. When he showed the tattoo to his co-workers at a Long Island Home Depot discussing the extremist militant group beheading people in Syria, he was reportedly fired.

Soccorso told News 12 Long Island that the tattoo was Isis's bad idea."She had this idea...let's get each other's names tattooed," he told the news station. "My name Kirk is four letters and hers is Isis." He worked at the Home Depot in Patchogue for about six months as a tool demonstrator, and apparently hadn't heard about the Islamic State "until just recently."

For their part, Home Depot claims their decision to can Soccorso "wasn't just based on the tattoo."

[H/T Daily Mail // Image via News 12 Long Island]

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