Sunday night, a man called 911 after his 22-pound cat attacked his baby and trapped his family—including their dog—inside a bedroom.

"[The cat] trying to attack us — he's very hostile. He's at our door; he's charging us," Lee Palmer told the 911 dispatcher. "When I leave this room to let the police in, I'm going to have to fight this cat."

The cat can be heard meowing throughout the call, according to the Oregonian.

Earlier in the evening, Palmer said the giant cat—a Himalayan—attacked his seven-month-old son, leaving him with scratches. Palmer chased the cat away, but that only made things worse.

"I kicked the cat in the rear, and it has gone over the edge," he told the dispatcher.

The family then barricaded themselves inside a bedroom and tried to call animal services. When that didn't work, they dialed 911. Portland police arrived not long after and trapped the cat with a snare. Everyone escaped unharmed.

"We are debating what to do," Palmer told the Oregonian the next day. "We definitely want to keep (the cat) away from the baby and keep an eye on his behavior. I swear I have never seen anything like it."

[Top image via KPTV/Cat picture via AP]