A Texas man has now been arrested and jailed two separate times for having sex with the same horse. Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies arrested Cirilo Castillo earlier this week after they allegedly caught him – on video, no less — having sex with the horse, named Nadia, in her corral.

Castillo is apparently obsessed with Nadia. So obsessed that he returned to have sex with her just three months after he was jailed for having sex with her, or, more specifically, after he was jailed for cruelty to animals. (Texas, as it turns out, does not have a law against bestiality).

Nadia's owners realized Castillo might be back when they found a "mysterious bucket" in her corral, though they didn't specify what made the bucket mysterious. The owners then set up a video camera to catch Castillo in the act and contacted the Hidalgo County sheriff's department.

“We have a hell of a surveillance tape,” Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino told the Houston Chronicle. “It is not going to go to, ‘America’s Funniest Videos,’ that is for sure.”

Trevino went on, describing Castillo as a laborer with prior arrests for minor crimes like theft and marijuana possession.

“The guy is practically harmless, except for the horse,” Trevino said.

Because there's no law against bestiality in Texas, Castillo can, according to Trevino, only be charged with trespassing and maybe cruelty to the horse, if there's evidence the animal was hurt. Trevino didn't say if the “hell of a surveillance tape” included such evidence.

Either way, Trevino wants to help Castillo, if only to prevent the crime from happening again.

“I can’t just ignore this and allow it to keep happening," he said. "Maybe we can get him some help, whatever we can do, we are going to try and do.”

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