The Register Citizen of Torrington reports on a domestic dispute that could only happen in Connecticut: Last night, a man was arrested for stabbing a watermelon in a "passive aggressive" manner.

According to the police report, a woman called the cops after her partner Carmine Cervellino, 49, threatened her by stabbing a watermelon with a butcher knife and leaving it for her to see. From the Register:

The woman ... was greeted by the sight of a watermelon, pierced by Cervillino's large butcher knife, sitting on the kitchen counter top, police said.

Cervillino walked in seconds later, and without saying anything, began slicing pieces of the watermelon. The woman snapped a picture of the knife and turned it over to police.

Apparently, Cervillino was set off after the woman took his Percocet.

He's been charged with threatening and disorderly conduct, and the case has been referred to family services.

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