The NYPD is looking for a man accused of masturbating in a subway station, then pulling a gun when someone tried to catch him on video.

A witness told police she was inside the 5th Ave N/R station late Monday night when she heard a hissing noise behind her. She turned around to find the suspect “manipulating his penis outside his pants,” Gothamist reports.

As the alleged masturbator exited the station, the woman pointed him out to another man, who started taking video on his phone and following the fleeing suspect. At this point, the creep allegedly took out a gun, pointed it at the man, and demanded he stop filming.

Gothamist obtained the witness’s video, which is only 8 seconds long, but clearly shows the guy accused of being a violent jerk (and also not a very nice person). Here it is:

Subway masturbation is a very common and very well-documented occurrence in NYC. I couldn’t turn up any stats on jerking off specifically, but 3,000 misdemeanor sex crimes were reported in the subway system between 2008 and 2013.

Masturbators are hardly news anymore, but a masturbator pointing a gun at the people who caught him with his dick out in public and telling them to “mind their own business?” That would be a new one.

The suspect could face charges of criminal menacing.