“Dog bites man.” That is, canonically, not News. But “Man crashes wedding, bites cop and police dog (police dog also bites cop)?” That’s what Santa Barbara, Calif., police say occurred on Saturday night, and it is News, my friends. News!

Sgt. Riley Harwood of the SBPD told the Associated Press that a 22-year-old wedding crasher got into a confrontation with two officers after guests booted him from a reception at the Santa Barbara Carriage Museum.

The man, who was later identified as Jorge Rodriguez of Goleta, Calif., had been wandering outside the wedding “claiming people were trying to kill him,” Harwood told the Santa Barbara Independent.

When the officers confronted him, Rodriguez allegedly punched one of them in the face and bit his shoulder, knocking him to the ground. In the ensuing fight, police say, a K-9 dog bit Rodriguez in the shoulder, and Rodriguez retaliated by biting the dog’s leg . At that point, the dog apparently became confused (Man bites dog! It’s confusing!) and bit the officer who was already down.

Police said the fight lasted six minutes.

Once Rodriguez was finally handcuffed, Harwood added, he tried to fight a third officer.

The alleged wedding crasher is currently in the hospital, and the SBPD is waiting to arrest him for resisting arrest resulting in injury and battery on a police dog. He was reportedly already on probation for battery at the time of the fight.

The dog is fine. It went to the vet.

This has been News.

[Photo via the fourth-best Vince Vaughn movie (and 13th-best Owen Wilson movie), Wedding Crashers (2005)]