A man was arrested on Sunday after he confessed to killing and then eating his landlord's heart after a disagreement over a year-long chess game.

Saverio Bellante reportedly stabbed his landlord Tom O'Gorman, a policy researcher for a conservative Catholic think-tank in Ireland, dozens of times on Sunday in the home the two shared. He also said he beat O'Gorman over the head with a dumbbell.

Bellante told Dublin police the stabbing and beating took place after an argument about the conclusion of a chess game that the two had been playing for more than a year.

While O'Gorman's chest was found sliced open, it seems Bellante's initial claims of having eaten O'Gorman's heart might have been exaggerated, though it's possible he ate O'Gorman's lung instead.

"The victim's heart was intact but the post-mortem confirms that a lung was removed from the body and has not been located," a source close to the investigation told the Belfast Telegraph. "The investigation is following a definite line of inquiry."

According to UPI, it's not clear if O'Gorman was dead at the time of the attempted heart-eating. Despite his confession, Bellante offered no plea during his arraignment and asked to represent himself, declining any state-funded attorneys.

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