The roommate of a Washington man accused of strangling his girlfriend and then trying to dispose of her body in a plastic tub full of acid says the alleged murder was inspired by an episode of AMC's Breaking Bad — the suspect's favorite show.

In the season 1 episode in question — "Cat’s in the Bag" — Walt tells Jesse to eliminate the body of a rival drug dealer in a plastic tub full of hydrofluoric acid, but Jesse uses a regular tub instead, and morbid hi-jinks ensue.

"The only thing I know or feel about it — that was his favorite series," roommate Dean Settle told KREM 2. "That's what he told me. I think he used it as instructions to go do what he was doing to dispose the body."

Investigators did indeed find the episode queued up in Jason Hart's DVD player shortly after Regan Jolley's nude body was found in a tub of acid in Hart's garage.

The 27-year-old Nine Mile Falls resident was arrested on a second degree murder charge, but pleaded not guilty.

Hart's wife, Jessica, told KHQ that she moved out recently, taking her two children with her, after Hart's drug use became too hard to manage.

She also said that Hart suffered from PTSD, which he brought back with him from Iraq, and which made him "a completely different person."

[H/T: Uproxx, screengrab via Breaking Bad, photo via KHQ]