On Tuesday, a Florida man shot himself dead after a gun he was using to threaten his wife's dog accidentally fired in his face, say police.

According to FOX 13 News, 57-year-old Dennis Emery of Pinellas Park, Florida picked up the weapon during a domestic dispute with his wife, whose barking dogs were "a constant problem between the couple."

From The Tampa Bay Times:

Authorities said Emery was arguing with his wife, Francisca, in their home at 5271 87th Ave. N about 6 a.m. Emery was upset because he could not find his lighter, police said.

He picked up a revolver and threatened to shoot the dog, pulling back the hammer on the gun to emphasize his threat, police said. Later, as he tried to release the hammer, the gun fired while Emery had it pointed at his face.

The dog was reportedly unharmed.

[Image via Pinellas County Sheriff's Office//h/t The Daily Mail]