Police in India just filed rape and assault charges against the editor of a liberal magazine, Tehelka — a publication known for its anti-corruption, pro-transparency angle, that recently called for Indians to address the country's problems with sexual violence.

Tarun Tejpal, Tehelka's editor and co-founder, is accused of two separate sexual assaults against the same victim, a magazine employee who had been acting as a guide to Robert De Niro and his daughter during their time in Goa, a small state in India.

The accusations became public on Wednesday, when a "remorseful letter" from Tejpal was leaked to other news outlets and Tehelka's managing editor, Shoma Chaudhury, sent a staff-wide announcement that there had been “an untoward incident” and that Tejpal would "recuse" himself for six months as a result.

The next day, the victim's account of the episodes, apparently sent over email, were published on social media sites. According to reports, the victim was assaulted in the elevator of a luxury hotel in Goa.

Although the victim has not made a statement to police, authorities say her email account is enough to launch the investigation.

"I am not saying someone is guilty but the girl's email (to her office) is explicit," Goan chief minister Manohar Parrikar told the Times of India.

[image via AP]