This is the most awesome thing that's happened since Madonna signed up for Instagram and immediately started posting unflattering pictures of herself.

Her 13-year-old son Rocco Ritchie has a Vine account, on which his pop-diva mother made a few cameos earlier this year. In them, she is presumably able to see herself looking directly at the camera, disheveled and make-up free. The only vague attempt at glamor is her scarf and gold grill. Her hair looks like hay. And here's what's great about all this: She presumably does not give a fuck.

Madonna is more prone to showing up in public looking imperfect than the average pop star—see her Instagram or Truth or Dare (about which, she told Kurt Loder it was "good" that she looked occasionally "grody"). This could be because she is zen about her humanity and knows that 24/7 glamor is impossible. Or it could be that she thinks she's so adorable that it doesn't matter how done up she is.

Either way, or whatever else is going on there psychologically, I haven't seen a superstar present herself so candidly and fearlessly in these media-trained, extra careful times. Whether her candor is intentional or not, Madonna does social media better than any peers of her stature.