Saturday, Jim Dolan and his band JD & The Straight Shot will open for the fuckin' Eagles at Madison Square Garden, a storied venue that Dolan happens to own. The performance will surely go down in history as the moment the 59-year-old billionaire Cablevision CEO and father of six became World's Coolest Dad.

The Straight Shot, according to its Facebook page, fuses "down n' dirty blues" with "classic rock swagger." Why does Dolan feel the Need to Rock? "The artist in me," he told the New York Post, "needs to be free."

"I worry about the other ways that people know me. I worry that they aren't going to listen to the music," the budding Mississippi John Hurt, who also owns the New York Knicks and Rangers, added—which, considering he booked himself to play with one of the world's biggest bands at one of the world's most prestigious venues, is probably a valid fear.

And like the blustery old dude he is, Dolan has "no apologies" for those whom his "provocative lyrics" might offend. Take, for example, "Governor's Song," which takes potshots at Bill de Blasio and Occupy Wall Street after a stirring kazoo solo, or "Fall From Grace," a chooglin' bar rocker about Eliot Spitzer.

The fucking band sounds like Raffi. They're terrible. See them tomorrow at MSG for just $150.

[Image via Facebook]