Your mom's favorite rapper Macklemore has taken to Tumblr to explain how he ended up performing in the costume of a Jewish caricature this past weekend, and his argument basically boils down to "Hey, remember when I made that song about gay people that one time?"

According to the rapping bumper sticker, he thought it would be fun to show up to Seattle's EMP Museum, where he was performing a secret show, in disguise. So he went to a costume store and picked things that he thought made him look like an amalgamation of famous men with dark shaggy hair/beards/big noses.

As it turns out the fake noses they sell at the costume store are usually big (my nose didn't fit most of them). So I ended up with a big witch nose. I went with a black beard, because that's the furthest color from my natural hair. Disguise was the intention. I personally thought I looked very ambiguous in terms of any "type" of person. Some people there thought I looked like Ringo, some Abe Lincoln. If anything I thought I looked like Humpty Hump with a bowl cut.

Though he now acknowledges how the disguise could be seen as a Jewish stereotype, he says that wasn't his intention (cool):

I acknowledge how the costume could, within a context of stereotyping, be ascribed to a Jewish caricature. I am here to say that it was absolutely not my intention, and unfortunately at the time I did not foresee the costume to be viewed in such regard.

He ends by saying that he "will let my body of work and the causes for which I've supported speak for themselves," which is him essentially using his pro-gay and anti-consumerist songs as a shield. How can Macklemore—a supporter of things that are definitely Good—ever really do anything Bad?

Of course, Macklemore will be fine even as evidence mounts that the costume may have been a bit more knowing than he let on. A tweet from the show could be read as him making a Bar Mitzvah joke, and yesterday Anna Minard of The Stranger went to the same costume shop as Macklemore and found what appears to be the nose he bought. Spoiler alert: it's not, as Macklemore claims, a witch's nose!

The "sheik/fagin" nose looks to be a dead ringer for Macklemore's fake schnoz, and if you're wondering what a "fagin" is, well...

Fagin is a fictional character who appears as an antagonist of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. In the preface to the novel he is described as a "receiver of stolen goods," but within the actual story he is more frequently referred to as the "merry old gentleman" or simply the "Jew."

Whatever. Macklemore is still a multi-millionaire beloved by millions of people, and this isn't going to change that, and it's up for debate whether it even should.