On Friday night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed a secret show in their hometown of Seattle to honor a new exhibit at the city's EMP Museum. This would have been completely unremarkable had Macklelmore not dressed up as the stereotype of a greedy, hook-nosed Jewish man.

Though Macklemore is held up by many as a paragon of progressivism—think back to his celebrated Grammys performance in which dozens of gay couples were married, or him receiving a MTV Video Music Award for "Best Video With a Social Message"—he is in reality a massive doofus whose most celebrated song is propped up by flimsy logic like "when I was in third grade, I thought I was gay."

He's also a 9/11 truther:

All of which is to say that Macklemore picking a costume that happens to be a deeply racist caricature isn't really all that surprising given his history of being an idiot. On a related note, here is his explanation of the costume:

This is not fucking awesome. For more photos of Macklemore dressed up like literal Nazi propaganda, there is this gallery from the Seattle Times.

[image via YouTube]