There's a new development in the ongoing saga of discredited restaurant server Dayna Morales: It seems the woman who falsely claimed she received an anti-gay "tip" from two patrons never donated the money she received from supporters to help wounded vets like she promised.

In the immediate aftermath of Morales's anti-gay allegations against a New Jersey couple who dined in her section at the Gallop Asian Bistro, many supporters began showing up at the restaurant with "monetary contributions."

Within a few days, Morales had racked up over $2,000 in donations, but told she planned to forward it all to the Wounded Warrior Project.

But an investigation by Bridgewater Patch discovered that, as of today, no donations to the nonprofit have been made in Morales's name, nor were any donations made from any ZIP codes in the Bridgewater area.

This wouldn't be the first lie Morales ever told.

In fact, friends have since described Morales as a compulsive liar, and say she made up stories about having brain cancer and claimed her home was damaged during Sandy.

According to a Marines spokesman, Morales also never served in Afghanistan despite claiming she was the sole survivor of an explosion that took out her entire platoon.

Moreover, she was dishonorably discharged for missing drills.

The Gallop Asian Bistro had said it suspended Morales, but it's unclear if she has since had her employment permanently terminated.

[screengrab via NBC New York]