Two days after it first went missing from a West Hollywood hotel, Lupita Nyong'o's pearl-encrusted Oscars dress was recovered by police on Friday, apparently abandoned as "almost worthless" by the thief.

TMZ reportedly gave police the location of the dress after being tipped off by the thief himself, who discovered the gown's supposedly natural pearls were fake and returned it to the hotel.

"They found the dress inside of this black garment bag hidden behind a garbage bag under a counter," said a police spokesperson on Friday. "We will maintain custody of the dress until we have a representative from the company or the victim show up to claim it."

According to TMZ, the thief said he contacted the site because he wanted to expose "Hollywood's fake bullshit." Assuming the pearls were authentic, Fortune previously estimated the dress to be worth $150,000.

[Image via Getty Images]