Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has the exclusive story of how its own founder no longer thinks Matt Drudge is a cool guy, possibly because Matt Drudge has been spending too much time around Alex Jones. The Drudge-Jones alliance, Beck said, may explain negative coverage of Marco Rubio on The Drudge Report.

Glenn Beck—who used to cry on the air all the time and is weirdly obsessed with blue jeans and thinks Obama is somehow to blame for the Ebola outbreak—is mad about Matt Drudge—who thought Leonardo DiCaprio got raped by a bear in The Revenant and regularly advances conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton hiding nonexistent health problems—hanging out with Alex Jones—who is extremely scared about Jade Helm and tried to incite a riot over Y2k and sells bogus “neural activation” pills on his website.

There are degrees of crazy here, and Alex Jones is definitely the craziest. But take the long view, and you have a loon yelling at a betsy bug for being friends with a road lizard.

Beck was inspired to take aim at Drudge after a Drudge Report headline referring to the “incredible shrinking” Rubio campaign. He drew special ire from a photoshopped image on the site that made Rubio appear smaller than he actually is.

From The Blaze, emphasis ours:

According to Beck, who was frustrated by the image, Drudge lost credibility in his mind when he started “hanging out with” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, a supporter of Trump.

“I don’t know what the hell has happened to Matt Drudge, but it happened a few years ago, when he started hanging out with Alex Jones,” Beck said. “And now he is in this weird conspiratorial Alex Jones kind of place, and now he has taken and started to Photoshop pictures.”

Beck said that in the past, he used Drudge’s reporting for his radio program, but no longer feels he can trust his popular news aggregation site.

The fact that this news was reported by The Blaze, based entirely on quotes from The Blaze founder Glenn Beck, only adds to the strangeness of the sideshow. An alternate headline might have been “EXCLUSIVE: My Boss Says This Guy Is Bad Now.”

In the spirit of The Blaze writer Tré Goins-Phillips’ intrepid reporting, I’ve asked my own boss, Gawker editor-in-chief Alex Pareene, what he thinks of this whole kerfuffle.

“Alex Jones has always been a very important source of news for Gawker and he was great in Waking Life,” Alex told me. “It’s a real shame that Glenn Beck has sunk so low as to blame Jones for Matt Drudge’s poor photoshop skills and erratic behavior.”

Well said, Alex. Hopefully Glenn Beck will come to his senses soon.

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