While abroad in South Africa, Katie Bryan thought she could get away with downloading a Neil Diamond album on her phone while also staying under her roaming bandwidth. Not so!, says her cell phone provider and monster Neil Diamond haters, Orange. Bryan was hit with a £2600 charge and she doesn't even like him that much.

In fact, as Katie Bryan told The Telegraph,

"It wasn't a particular song that I wanted to hear. I'm really not that big a Neil Diamond fan. And I'd already got his Essential Neil Diamond CD at home, in my car."

Katie, why! Know your usage limits, Katie! You are not a diamond in the cell phone provider's eyes! You are just a cog in the wheel! The purchase—and the charges—didn't make Katie feel so good, so good. They made her feel so bad, so bad.

Orange ended up knocking off a considerable chunk of the owed money, lowering her payment down to £400. But surely, this will leave a bad taste in the maths* teacher's mouth—not only toward her cell phone provider, but to to Neil "Jewish Elvis" Diamond, too.

"It is morally wrong to be expected to pay this sort of money for a Neil Diamond album."

Boston, prepare your fleet for battle.

*"s" added for British effect

[Image via AP]