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On Saturday, the eighth-ranked LSU Tigers beat the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks 31-0 in a drama-free home game. Far more exciting than that shutout was the frat-boy showdown that one attendee documented outside.

The video above, posted to Reddit with the title "When White People Fight" and spotted by BroBible, shows a gaggle of Vineyard Vines customers scuffling with a dude in a purple t-shirt. At the front of the frame, our cameraman looks on, bemusedly raising his cigarette, the human personification of "lol smdh."

The white-shirted guys, a Redditor named Fanntastic points out, are probably fraternity pledges:

This is on the parade grounds at LSU at a tailgate before the ULM game this weekend. The parade grounds are the spot where all the fraternities set up their tailgates and it appears one house's pledges (the kids dressed nicely) had a problem with someone.

I don't know how drunk or naive the guy in purple was to think he could pick a fight with one pledge in front of all his brothers and not expect it to turn out that way...

This looks to be facing toward memorial tower so my guess would be Pi Kapp, Pike, or Phi Psi maybe?

Good luck to all those fine, upstanding fraternity gentlemen. I hope they get in.