Who would have guessed that a man's Internet campaign to track down a mystery girl he'd spent the night with nearly one year ago would end badly?

Probably everyone, but that didn't stop Reese McKee from doing it anyway.

The Wellington man revealed last week that he had launched a web-assisted manhunt for a girl whom he had met last New Year's Eve in Hong Kong, and who had left him with few clues as to her true identity.

All Reese claimed to have was her alleged first name, her alleged city of residence, a photo, and two words: "Find me."

Two days after he started a Facebook event called "a new years promise," Reese had over 4,000 people on the case.

Several thousands more joined the effort after his story was published around the world.

"The situation was so intense that we bonded in a way that you could mistake for being more romantic than it was," Reese told the New Zealand Herald this week. "The thing bloody exploded, God, the article went everywhere."

The Internet being the Internet, it wasn't long before things "got a bit out of hand," according to Reese.

Rather than help reunite Reese and Katie, the self-styled sleuths began stalking every woman named Katie who lived in the DC area.

Reese tried to do damage control by pulling the plug on the Facebook event page, but it was no use: The mob monster could not be contained.

Finally, the real Katie was tracked down, and, suffice it so say, it was no happy ending.

"We found the girl. She is from DC, she's not there at the moment, but she's sorta taken all her public profiles offline for a little bit," Reese wrote on his own Facebook page.

Shortly thereafter, he deleted that page too.

And so ends the story of Romeo and Juliet 2.0.

[H/T: BroBible, photos via Facebook]