L’amour est mort. Monday morning authorities began clearing Paris’s Pont des Arts bridge of hundreds of thousands of “love-locks” placed there by couples looking to demonstrate their eternal connection in the form of heavy padlocks clinging for dear life to a manmade structure.

In June of last year, the Pont des Arts partially collapsed, causing city officials to start wondering if this love thing was really worth preserving. Time and again, activists demanded that the silly tradition cease, as it made one small part of Paris ugly (which is unacceptable)—but love stops for no one and the locks kept piling on.

Now, the locks are no’mour. “We will remove nearly one million padlocks, or 45 tons,” city official Bruno Julliard told the AFP. Here’s to the breaking of the unbreakable bond of love:

Love had a good run. Remember this day.

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