On Wednesday, authorities released a journal belonging to John Houser, who killed two people and wounded nine last summer in a shooting at a Louisiana movie theater. On the last page, the Associated Press reports, Houser wrote, shortly before the shooting, that he was leaving the journal “in hopes of truth, my death all but assured.”

Houser, described as a 59-year-old drifter, left the 40-page, handwrittern journal, which describes the United States as a “filth farm” and praises Dylann Roof, in his room at a Motel 6 not long before the shooter. From the AP:

“If you have not stood against filth, you are now a soft target,” he wrote on the lined pages of the notebook.

“America is in the midst of celebrating filth, and as such they are the enemy,” he later added.

Houser described Dylann Roof — a young white man accused of killing nine people inside a historic black church in Charleston that June 17 — as “green but good.”

“Thank you for the wake up call Dylann,” he added.

The journal—which can be read here, via The Advocate—offers a glimpse into the mind of the man who killed himself as police entered the theater. “Yes, it will be said and said, ‘how senseless,’ but if my act drains the value of the dollar (because it is not based on anything) by creating new expenses (guards, bulletproof glass, etc. at movie theaters) it is for good overall,” Houser wrote. “The US is the enemy of good, of God.”

“Comments posted in his own writing revealed his ideals and that he had battled his local government and had a hatred for the United States Government,” one government assessment found. “Houser’s interests also included ‘Golden Dawn’ which is a Greek organization with neo-Nazi beliefs.’”

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