Louise Mensch, an English author of popular fiction and unpopular political columns, as well as, for a few years, a Conservative member of Parliament, will start a new website, called “Heat Street,” for News Corp, Buzzfeed reports.

News Corp. spokesman Jim Kennedy said that Heat Street will, “in a spirit of free speech and no ‘safe spaces,’ cover a variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints.”

“No ‘safe spaces’” is a bold frontal attack on our current culture of political correctness, in which so-called liberals, I’m told, frequently flirt with censorship, demand trigger warnings in order to avoid exposure to contrary points of view, and regularly conflate unpopular speech with actual violence. Against all that, here comes “Heat Street,” sure to be a defender of unfettered and unfiltered democratic speech.

Here is a relevant column from Louse Mensch, erstwhile politician, on the subject of speech and “safe spaces”:

Toxic trolls should have no hiding space
By Louise Mensch
Too often people have believed that the internet is a magical, protected space where nothing they do can be policed. They type threats on their keyboard that they would never utter in person. A rash of such cases has arisen in the past couple of years, and prosecutors are cracking down. In 2011 a 25 year-old, Sean Duffy, was jailed for posting obscene messages about teenagers who had committed suicide. On a memorial website to Natasha MacBryde, who had thrown herself under a train after being bullied, he posted a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine with Natasha’s face superimposed upon it, and called it “Tasha the Tank Engine”.
The Government yesterday introduced new laws to encourage websites and internet service providers to surrender the identity of those posting abuse or libel. This is a good thing.

Good luck to Ms. Mensch and News Corp.

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