Jerry Seinfeld's Emmy award winning web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" starts up its third season in style today with highly anticipated passenger Louis C.K.

The two legendary observational comedians (one of whom once opened for the other) drove across Manhattan in a 1959 Fiat Jolly — a doorless death trap that used to cart wealthy Italians to and from their yachts.

Appropriately, Seinfeld and C.K. concluded their trip with a day sail aboard the latter's rich people boat, which infamously got stuck in mud back in September.

C.K. breaks his silence about that embarrassing episode (starts around the 17:15 mark), as well as his foolproof method for going to see 3D Imax movies while high, and, of course, the eagerly awaited fourth season of his FX show Louie.

[There was a video here]

[screengrab via Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee]