Louis C.K. has a feeling he's discovered "the origin of the basic despair that we all feel in the pit of our being, that one thing we all share." And it's not, as he previously posited, the knowledge that each of us will be forever empty and alone. It's that Earth is a Martian graveyard, and we're all "seeded by marsian corpse DNA."

As Louis explained over a couple of hours on Twitter, it all started with a civilization of people-things fleeing a globally-warmed Mars and trying to take refuge in the Earth's orbit:

But then: disaster! The Martian moon/spaceship collided with the planet that would eventually be called Earth, killing billions of Martians. And from that Martian graveyard, humanity eventually arose.

Seems like a plausible feeling. Haven't we all wanted a moon-spaceship at some point or another, to take us away from our failing planet to somewhere that feels more like home?

But what if the moon isn't the ship? What if the ship is something even bigger?

It's tempting to dismiss this stuff as weird for the sake of being weird, but Louis's entire body of work is about the baseline level of pain that comes with existing in contemporary society and interacting with other people as they attempt to exist also. Is it so farfetched that he would have these feelings of (literal) alienation and turn them into a bit on Twitter?

A week ago, he said he seriously couldn't think of anything to tweet, and stopped posting. Maybe he's spent the past few days working out this feeling and how best to express it.

On the other hand, maybe he was just high.


[h/t Uproxx]