In one of the most simultaneously bleak and fawning ten minutes of television I have ever seen, former candidate for Vice President of the United States and current off-brand Fox News (OAN) personality Sarah Palin interviewed everyone’s favorite screaming steamed carrot, Donald Trump.

The interview consisted of a lot of Sarah Palin referring to Trump as “The Donald,” a lot of Donald Trump sitting in the foodcourt of your local mall, and a lot of softball questions asked in doe-eyed, glistening tones. In other words, it was exactly what you would expect of an interview between a belligerent media-magnet and a former punchline clinging to relevancy. I do not recommend enduring it by any means.

But! If you just can’t pass up the opportunity to wallow in communal misery, there were a few “highlights.”

Here is Sarah Palin asking Donald Trump how he got so big and strong.

[There was a video here]

And here is Donald Trump appearing (more) visibly uncomfortable (than usual) as he says, “You know me—I love the bible. I’m Protestant. I’m Presbyterian.”

[There was a video here]

You can watch the ten-minute interview in full above, or if you’d prefer something more to the point, absolutely any video of a public handjob.

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