Lorde's recent appearances on South Park—where she was revealed to be the musical alter ego of Stan's dad, Randy Marsh—came up in a new interview with TV3 in the singer's native New Zealand, and reporter David Farrier got her to sort-of-perform a snippet of her song from the show.

"I am Lorde, yeah yeah yeah..." first came up two weeks ago in the episode "Gluten Free Ebola," when Randy debuted his Lorde persona at the kids' charity fundraiser:

At that point, it looked like Randy was just pretending to be Lorde to cover up a lie he'd told his son, but Spin accidentally reported that Randy was "moonlighting as Lorde." A week later, in "The Cissy," that became South Park canon, and the show lampooned a Spin reporter trying to expose Randy's secret.

That episode featured an entire fake Lorde song—with vocals by Sia—that also included the "I am Lorde, yeah yeah yeah" line:

Although Spin initially felt Lorde should be offended by South Park's mockery, she apparently got the joke and was fine with it. Here's what she told Farrier in the TV3 interview:

I was thinking, 'Yeah he has a moustache... I mean I have a moustache, but is it that prominent?' But it was someone's dad pretending to be me. We actually, in my hotel room, went 'Ya ya ya ya ya I'm Lorde! Ya ya ya!' for like an hour, because that's why they do on the episode, so…

He declined to ask her about her real age.

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