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This adorable, confusingly sexy video of Beyoncé apparently chatting on stage with her daughter Blue Ivy during a dress rehearsal for her Grammy performance of "Drunk in Love" leaked online sometime earlier today. Sample dialogue: "Surfboard! Hi mommy!"

The provenance of the video, which appeared on DailyMotion Friday morning, is unclear. It's definitely Beyoncé rehearsing her Grammy rendition of "Drunk in Love," but beyond that, we can't say.

In the clip, an unseen Blue (presumably mic'd and watching Beyoncé on a monitor) says her cute baby words over her mother's audio track describing very detailed, unknowable sex acts, and Beyoncé greets her and beams and scrunches up her face in affection because she is Drunk in Love with this baby.

They don't have much to say to one another. Blue says, "Surfboard!...Surfboard!" Beyonce says, "Hi Blue-Blue!" Blue says, "Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy! Hi Mama!" Just the kind of stuff they always talk about. Pretty cute to watch, and also pretty surfboard.

(No, the guy playing the role of Jay Z in this video is not Jay Z. Jay Z is busy.)

[via DailyMotion]