The beloved two-faced cat Frank and Louie died last week at the age of 15. What better way to pay tribute to his freaky memory than buy this beautiful painting of five-faced monster Burt Reynolds (and seemingly everything else Reynolds has ever owned)?

The mustachioed star, who recently totally isn't having money problems, he swears, is auctioning off an enormous collection of personal belongings through Julien's auction house. The inventory ranges from mundane—a used 1997 Dodge Ram pickup with a picture of Burt on the hood (current bid: $9,500)—to completely fucking bizarre—like this motorized "stagecoach" with a sign reading "The Burt Reynolds Horse Ranch" ($5000).

A few notable entries (some of which are pretty affordable!):

Picture of Burt Reynolds in a heart-shaped frame from Elizabeth Taylor (current bid: $400)

A frame with an inscription to Burt Reynolds from Elizabeth Taylor. The silver frame has a heart-shaped window with an image of Reynolds and is inscribed "A.P.L.A. September 19th 1985 To Burt Reynolds With My Love And All My Thanks Elizabeth."

Birthday card to Burt Reynolds, also from from Elizabeth Taylor (current bid: $500)

A handmade birthday card to Burt Reynolds from Elizabeth Taylor, printed and inscribed "Darling Burtrand/ Suddenly the more experienced women start hitting on you. (like me)/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may your cactus's keep happy/ I love you Elizabeth."

Cool pic of a frog that Burt Reynolds drew himself (current bid: $600)

"Spot-Bellied Dart," mixed media on paper, signed lower right.

9 1/2 by 7 9/16 inches (sight); 11 by 9 inches (framed)

Cool sign that someone custom-made for Burt Reynolds (current bid: $400)

A custom wood sign with lettering reading "Forget The Dog Beware of Burt."

14 by 21 inches

Painting that Ronnie Wood made of James Dean, Frank Sinatra (?) and Elvis (current bid: $500)

"Decades 50's," lithograph, signed lower right, numbered 163/250 and titled lower left.

29 7/8 by 41 7/8 inches (sight); 40 5/16 by 51 1/16 inches (framed)

Smokey and the Bandit go-cart (current bid: $2,500)

A go-kart painted to resemble the car driven by Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit (Universal, 1977). Bandit was a black 1977 Pontiac Trans Am with a gold eagle painted on the hood. The single-seat go-kart mimics the paint design and exterior details of the original Bandit.

Canoe from Deliverance (not floatable) (current bid: $600)

A wooden canoe from the personal collection of Burt Reynolds. The canoe is a composite of two canoes made for Reynolds' film Deliverance (Warner Bros., 1972). The canoe, with wood ribs and thwarts, bears two serial numbers 184739 and 184432. Warner Brothers commissioned a number of canoes for the filming as the characters' canoe is ultimately destroyed in the film. This canoe was restored from pieces of the canoes used in filming and was housed at Reynolds' Museum. Not floatable.

Sign Burt Reynolds hangs on his bedroom door just below "no girls allowed," probably (current bid: $1,000)

Two expired 1993 Florida license plates reading "BANDIT," together with a printed sign reading "Burt Reynolds Parking Only."

Largest, 18 by 12 inches

Burt Reynolds' old credit card (current bid: $400)

An American Express card issued to Burton Reynolds. The card is signed by Reynolds on verso. It was valid until May 2010 and states that Reynolds has been a member since 1964. "Void" is written on the card in an unknown hand.

Portrait of Burt Reynolds looking rugged as shit but also thoughtful with a cup of coffee (current bid: $350)

Portrait of Burt Reynolds as a cowboy drinking coffee, signed on the right and dated '83. Unframed.

28 by 32 inches

Burt Reynolds' desk nameplate (current bid: $300)

In gold with black lettering.

2 by 8 inches

Burt Reynolds' rolodex (current bid: $2,000)

Burt Reynolds' Rolodex from his home office. Entries are typed or handwritten onto note cards and include the contact information for many of Reynolds' celebrity friends, restaurants, and business contacts. The Rolodex is constructed of beige metal and black plastic with a roll top, model number 2254.

Some other guy's desk nameplate (current bid: $400)

Gold and black painted lettering on a wood base reading "Commander John Ford, USNR."

3 by 11 inches

Some coat hangers (current bid: $400)

A group of five wood suit hangers with black plates that read "Burt Reynolds" affixed. Trouser bar features nonslip rubber ridges.

Personalized stagecoach with Dolly Parton-designed interior (current bid: $5,000)

A custom-built motorized stagecoach, built in 1979 on an International Harvester Scout frame with a 345 V8 engine and four-wheel drive, seats up to 10 people. This stagecoach was used for Burt Reynolds' wedding to Loni Anderson. The interior was custom-designed by Dolly Parton. It is marked "The Burt Reynolds Horse Ranch" and has the "BR" monogram in multiple places. Vehicle identification number J0062JGD30393.

There are also lots and lots of guns.

"I want everyone to know that contrary to what all the news outlets are saying, I am not broke," Reynolds, who is definitely not broke, told Entertainment Tonight. "I have been dealing with a business dispute for many years as well as a divorce settlement. I am simply selling some of my memorabilia that I have enjoyed for so many years but do not have use nor room for them anymore."

He added: "Quite frankly, I am sick of so many pictures of myself in my own home."

[h/t Dangerous Minds, Nerdcore]