Cops say a respected Long Island cardiologist tried to set fire to a rival's office and offered undercover officers prescription pills, weapons and cash to finish the job.

According to Newsday, Dr. Anthony J. Moschetto was arrested Tuesday on an array of charges, including conspiracy, criminal sale of a controlled substance, arson, burglary, weapons possession, criminal sale of a firearm, and criminal solicitation. He reportedly posted a $2 million bond this morning.

The investigation apparently began as a "routine prescription pill investigation" that made a sharp left turn. Via Newsday:

The investigation mushroomed into allegations of the sale of heroin, illegal possession of weapons, arson, attempts to obtain dynamite to blow up the rival's building, and the alleged plot. As part of the plot, Moschetto, at one point, even suggested to an undercover Nassau detective that the rival's wife also be assaulted; he also suggested the rival be murdered using the gun the rival carried, officials said.

Investigators searching Moschetto's Arden Lane home Tuesday uncovered the hidden basement room with dozens of weapons, including a hand grenade, an AR-15 and replica Thompson assault rifle with illegal high-capacity clips, officials said.

Cops say Moschetto launched his vendetta when a doctor working in Moschetto's Great Neck practice reportedly decided to strike out on his own.

"He was willing to pay $5,000 to have him beaten and put in the hospital for a few months," [Assistant District Attorney Ann] Donnelly said.

She added: "And then he said he would pay $20,000 to have him killed."

And if you were thinking, Hmmm, this sounds like the kind of guy to have his secret murder room hidden behind a bookcase well jackpot! You're right! The AP reports cops found hundreds of weapons "in a secret room that was accessed through a motorized bookshelf." It's still unclear if it was activated by pissing on a copy of the Hippocratic oath.

[image via AP]

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