Bakersfield, California news station KGET, known far and wide as a bastion of objective journalism, took the time out on Monday to get a “man on the street” perspective of the vile torrent of racism spewing forth from Donald Trump’s mouth hole.

After the Republican presidential candidate announced a proposed policy wherein he hopes to ban an entire religion from U.S. soil, the NBC News affiliate unwisely tweeted the following:

Wisely and in response to swift backlash, KGET deleted the tweet. Unwisely, it simply re-worded the tweet, and sent it right out again.

The station’s website has a similar poll embedded into the page, too, which looks like this, with results:

KGET has not, however, responded to Donald Trump’s allegations that most of the media are “scum.”

Gawker has reached out to KGET and NBC for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

[Images via KGET]