Local TV news has produced many of the classics in the "out of touch news reports about the internet" genre. (Remember Pedobear Panic?) Fox 2 Detroit's hysterical exposé of internet troll "Ebayisajoke" is another amazing specimen:

The story is: some overweight Detroit dude named Charles Fitch goes by the name "Ebayisajoke" online. He wears an Anonymous mask and picks fights with Ebay sellers by bashing their businesses in the feedback section even if their businesses are good. He has been known to photoshop mocking images of a New Jersey eBay seller named Hubcap Joe, apparently his mortal enemy. He also filmed a bunch of YouTube videos that have literally dozens of views each. According to Fox 2, this makes him "an international menace" and "an internet predator."

Luckily, Fox 2 Problem Solver Rob Wolchek is on the case. Ebayisajoke is "Mad and maybe even evil," Wolchek explains. "The stuff of internet nightmares." This will not stand. Rob Wolchek will not let this stand.

Wolchek leads us through his detective work: he snoops on the registration of Ebayisajoke's website, does some fancy photo analysis, and even follows him around town for days. Then he eventually confronts Fitch after he comes out of a movie theater and puts him in the HAAAAAAALLLLLLL OF SHAAAAAAME.

The best part of the whole thing: Charles Fitch was identified six months ago by some obsessive anti-Charles Fitch blog called Chuckfitchscammer, a fact Wolchek neglects to mention.