Stephen Schwarzman, a private equity billionaire who threw himself a zillion-dollar birthday party during the recession and compared raising taxes on the rich to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, has a question: why are people in America so mad these days?

Schwarzman, who has advocated both raising taxes on the poor and lowering taxes on foreign billionaires, sat down for an interview at Davos, an annual gathering of the world’s worst people. Asked about America’s current political climate, he marveled aloud: “What’s remarkable is the amount of anger. Whether it’s on the Republican side, or the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders to me is almost more stunning than some of the stuff going on on the Republican side. How is that happening? Why is that happening? What is the vein in America that is being tapped into across parties that’s made people so unhappy?”

Good question, motherfucker.

[Bloomberg via IBTimes]