The Daily Dot brings our attention to a true Craigslist gem: A listing for a $1 penthouse in D.C. Thing is, you gotta be naked.

According to the post, you have to be 26 or younger, and willing to be a "naked roommate." The poster recognizes that this "sounds crazy," but assures you this is totally legal. That's what the $1 is for!

"I'm a male looking for another male (straight or bisexual w/girlfriend preferred, but masc gay is cool too) to be my naked roommate," the poster writes.

Will there be touching? Oh, there will be. "Arrangement would be mostly 'looking' but some 'touching' will be required."

You also have to be attractive, "very attractive."

How naked is naked? Can a loosely-draped sarong keep you a little bit sheltered? What about the temperature in the apartment? What if it gets cold? Can you towel yourself off after a shower, or must you air dry?

Who's down?