A relatively unknown Democrat won a runoff election for governor of Louisiana on Saturday night, taking over in a red state that’s been inundated with scandal and financial problems in recent years.

State Representative John Bel Edwards defeated U.S. Senator David Vitter with 56 percent of the vote on Saturday night. Edwards will take over from Gov. Bobby Jindal in January, according to The New York Times.

Edwards’ campaign was made easier by a series of blunders made by his main opponent, Republican David Vitter, who was once heavily favored to win. Vitter, who billed himself as a moral, upstanding candidate and opponent of abortion and gay marriage, was involved in a scandal in 2007 when his phone number was found among those on the list of a madam who was running a prostitution ring in D.C.

Edwards, who holds a degree from West Point and a military background, was a likable candidate in comparison.

The state hasn’t had a Democratic governor since Jindal’s election in 2008. After his election, Jindal proceeded to drive the state into near financial ruin, grinning goofily the whole way down.

Democrat or Republican, at least this guy’s on his way out.

[Image via AP]

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