Lithuania's got talent! Probably! I mean, every country must have some talent, statistically speaking (and Lithuania's Got Talent is the name of a TV show, which definitely makes it true). But the particular talent Lithuania has is not knife throwing, as the assistant in this knife-throwing act learned from bloody, bloody experience.

The person who put this clip on YouTube helpfully lists every moment where the ostensibly talented knife-chucker fucked up, either due to incompetence, performance anxiety, or burning envy at his assistant's glorious head of hair:

1.17 - slightly cuts a finger.

1.30 - almost hits another one.

3.15 - 1-2cm from death

That last one nearly took out an eye, but the human target got away with a mere knife handle to the side of the head.

It could almost be a joke, except that no one was laughing, and the contestant could be seen smearing his victim's blood into the stage with his boot.

"These things are not new. Minor trauma is an integral part of learning ... After all, sport is full of injuries," said Lithuania's Got Talent judge Saul Urbonavičius-Sam.

Needless to say, the knife act did not make it through to Sunday's super-final.

[h/t Daily Dot]