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This morning was not a good morning for Laura Ingraham, the conservative commentator who hosts a syndicated radio show that is broadcast across the country. Today, Ingraham’s show had some technical difficulties, which led her to curse out her executive producer Drew Charmichael live on-air when she thought her mic was dead.

You can listen to the clip below:

Something starts to go haywire as Ingraham begins to intro what sounds like your everyday conservative radio red meat: “This is a... this is a horrific story. A new type of, uh, way that kids can destroy their lives, ruin their lives, or in this case end their lives.” But then the audio in Ingraham’s headphones goes dead and she barks at her producers:

“What’s going on? What do I do guys? I can’t hear anything. What do I do? Drew can you hear something in yours? No, right? Are you on “Best of?” Are you on “Best of?” We have dead air?

Well, they didn’t. It sounded like dead air to those in the studio, but Ingraham’s voice was coming through to her affiliates loud and clear.

Then, something wonderful happens: Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” suddenly kicks in as Ingraham reams Drew out:

We gotta put a “Best of” on, Drew. We’re gonna lose every fucking station we have. This is unbelievable. I don’t know what to do. What do I do? Just read stories?

Rollin’. Rollin’. Rollin’ on the river.

It is pure slapstick comedy.