In an attempt to broaden the shoddily-forged daisy chain of connectivity that is "what's your job" and "are you skilled," employment social media company LinkedIn announced it is doing beta testing in China. Think about talcum powder if you endorse this.

The company, whose address is 2029 Stop This Bullshit Boulevard and whose headquarters actually look like the most destitute, drab building this side of Sauron's anus after it gets buffed with talcum powder, said its mission is to "connect the world's professionals." Whether they meant connecting the world's professionals by sheer collective distaste for LinkedIn was not revealed.

We believe that the experience of our local team, combined with the considerable market expertise of our joint venture partners, position us well to explore our growth options in China.

Speaking of growth, have you seen this uncanny festering pus-filled object growing from the elbow of my junk mail folder? Oh right, it's just LinkedIn asking me to congratulate my friend's uncle on his new job as conspiracy theorist and Facebook poke enthusiast. Congrats.

[Image via AP]