On Tuesday night, America's cinnamon challenge Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed a picture of herself hard(ish) at work, packing for her upcoming court-ordered 90-day stint in rehab. Lohan captioned the photo, which finds her surrounded by duffel bags, suitcases, and what appears to be a toy chest stuffed with clothes ,"90 days and 270 looks," before locking down her account.

Lohan is set to begin her strut down the catwalk to recovery Thursday, May 2 at the Seafield Center in Westhampton. TMZ reports that the actress might be looking to switch last minute to a California facility because the New York one won't let her smoke, but, if all else fails, she can just smoke at the New York one anyway because rules are optional — society's version of the specials a waiter reads you before your meal.

On a brighter note, 270 outfits for 90 days works out to 3 per diem, so it looks like she's planning on eating breakfast.

New year (1/3 over), new you, Lindsay.

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